Bull coins, the new leader of emerging animal digital currencies

Just to make cattle coins more bullish

From last year’s farm liquidity mining, to the recent animal coin fire. Among them, the rise of dog coin, Shiba Inu coin SHIB led the emergence of a large number of animal coins, and in this chaos how to find the next animal coin that may rise? A good potential coin often has multiple conditions, here is also a brief sharing of why Bullcoin BULL will be the next animal new power leader.


Note: The cowcoin referred to in this article is an asset issued based on the Coin Smart Chain, not a Firecoin or Wavefield asset.



  1. Bull coin, the name is easily accepted and known by the public


We have seen through some quality coins in the past, such as Dogcoin and SHIB in terms of name can impress anyone. The name of the coin is similar to the everyday word “bull”, so it has the prerequisite of being a popular coin. A good name is often a good start to a project.



2. Basic visibility


The number of coin holders fired over 8,000 people in just a few days without any airdrop. It can be said that without a certain degree of popularity and recognition, it is impossible to obtain such a large number of coin holders in a short period of time. The popularity accumulated by Cowcoin in the early stages of the short term will lay a certain foundation for success in the later stages. Because there is no heat, there is no visibility and funds will not enter in large numbers.



3. Project application landing


According to the official Twitter, there are two things that BULL is planning at the moment. The first one, BULL WALLET. wallet, is the current blockchain traffic entrance. It is also the biggest landing application in the blockchain industry except for the exchange and DAPP, which also has a large user base. Nowadays, the wallet track is much less competitive than the exchange track in all aspects. So in terms of wallets, BULL WALLET is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of users in the future. If the number of wallet users reaches this level in the future. Then the value of BULL tokens will increase by tens of times.


Secondly, decentralised exchanges. Currently UNI is the leading decentralized exchange and there are few rivals in this track. The value of UNI has not been applied from the point of view of operations etc. If BULL SWAP can be applied on the platform coin BULL in the future, together with the innate advantages of the wallet, the future of BULL can be said to be unlimited!




4. security, security, security


The safety of funds is fundamental. The project owner has destroyed the liquidity pool token LP and punched it into a black hole address. Meaning no one can take the pool of funds anymore. This is relatively safe for users and investors, as there is no risk of zeroing out and running away, and anyone can join BULL and anyone is a partner in the project.




Finally, there are more recent dirt dog projects, but the really good ones can be said to be one in a hundred, so we must be cautious and then cautious again. Stick to value investing and gamble less. Take everyone in search of the next dogcoin!




Contract address: 0xf483af09917ba63f1e274056978036d266eb56e6


Official website: http://bullcoin.finance


Twitter: https://twitter.com/bullcoinfinance/Bull


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