Digital Currency

  • The Asset Reserve Protocol: XenophonDAO (XPH) will be the Next OHM on BSC

    Stable coins are closely related to other encrypted digital currencies around the world. The governments of countries such as France are trying to introduce them into their financial markets. XenophonDAO hopes to create a new version of stablecoin controlled by its community members. The project aims to create a new way for users to interact with cryptocurrencies while limiting volatility and still having floating prices. 1. What is XenophonDAO (XPH)? XenophonDAO hopes to change the nature of stablecoins. Most stablecoins are linked to underlying assets (such as the U.S. dollar)…

    Digital Currency 12/04/2021
  • A metaverse game called “FunBall” will be launched soon

    With Zuckerberg’s announcement to rename fackbook to meta, we saw more and more “metaverse” games start to appear in the market. Game platforms, such as GALA YOOSHI have borrowed from the steam model and have quickly accumulated a large number of users in a short period of time. Recently, we have been looking at a company called ” BRILLIANT FAITH”, which is planning to launch a game competition platform called “MeRace”. They have officially announced that the platform is in development and have announced the name of the first game “FunBall”. The…

    Digital Currency 11/16/2021
  • Resurgence, WODEX exchange platform currency platform token WMT is listed on Binance Smart Chain

    At present, the digital financial market represented by NFT meta universe has developed into the main battlefield of more and more investors. Under the unpredictable market background, more users need more professional NFT meta universe platform and more investment value. Mainstream value currency. Based on this, the WODEX exchange token, WMT, has attracted attention from all walks of life once it came out.   NFT is generally considered to be the most imaginative asset type in the future in the crypto world, and it is also an important part of…

    Business 11/12/2021
  • 4JNET is positioned to outperform Safemoon through a unique mechanism

    Safemoon launched BSC on March 8, which rose by 200 times within less a month. That is to day, if RMB 10,000 is invested to buy Safemoon in March 3, you will have RMB 2,000,000 in April. It is pointed out that although Safemoon’s price has fallen to $0.000003, the investors may still expose to high risks if they buy Safemoon now.   What can Safemoon be used for? The team frankly confessed that it is useless; if there must be one, it takes advantages of a unique mechanism to stimulate people to hoard…

  • Will the metaverse game Murphy be the brightest new star at BSC?

    “What is the end of the Internet?” Could it be the metaverse?”   The science fiction Avalanche depicts an online virtual world of multiple people called metaverse, where users can see the metaverse through a visual-eye device, in a virtual world drawn by a computer, with bright lights and millions of people walking through Central Avenue.   The main road and world rules of the Metaverse are set by the Computer Association’s Global Multimedia Protocol Organization, where developers need to purchase land development permits, which enable them to construct streets,…

  • Gain instant insights into unique mechanisms and purchase mode of 4JNET

    Blockchain technology creates reliable cooperation mechanism and wins lots of trust due to its widespread prospects. The advancement of this technology further brings about a massive monetary revolution of financial inclusion. Yet, it’s now too late for investors to hold Shib, Safemoon and other tokens as they have appreciated a lot. Never mind! Here’s a new chance! 4JNET, a new encrypted token, will debut on 1 December 2021. Moreover, the limited-edition NFTs will be presold on 20 October 2021. Lots of experts and senior players in the token industry show vigorous support…

  • How does GameFi+DEFI drive the blockchain games industry upgrade?

    If 2020 is the first year of DeFi outbreak, then 2021 is undoubtedly the first year of GameFi blockchain games outbreak. According to DappRadar’s statistics, on April 18th, 2021, the number of transactions in the blockchain games sector was as high as 480.7 billion dollars. As of July 31st, the number of users in the blockchain games sector exceeded 780,000, an increase of more than 170 times compared with the beginning of the year, and the number of daily active wallets in GameFi increased by 700% from March to July….

    Business 10/18/2021
  • In 50,000 metaverse games, this one has the greast possibility to be the KING!

    BTC was born to be the “leader” of the blockchain, but the “leader” of GAMFI has not yet been determined. With the advent of metaverse, ordinary GAMFI games are suffering an eclipse. There is no doubt that if there is a project that leads the metaverse field, it will be the king to control this arena! Science fiction movies such as “Ready Player One”, “Free Guy”, and “The Matrix” introduce us the concept metaverse, which has been predicted by many giant technology companies to be the next BIG THING. The term Metaverse comes from Neil…


    According to official sources, T-power, Japan’s largest AV copyright owner, has announced that it will soon begin creating and releasing NFT copies of SONA and enter into a deal with SONA coinage. Starpunk operating NFT Alliance (SONA) is a decentralized and autonomous organization (Dao) platform, audited by the Soken  , and is the heavyweight blockchain authority that audits OpenSea. The no preorder, no private offering by the Geek Coalition of America is the NFT Super Cross chain token, backed by the Andreessen Horowitz Foundation. NETWORK1 aims to connect blockchain/NFT game…

    Business 10/12/2021
  • Dubbed the Next Unicorn, zkTube Launches its Mainnet

    zkTube is the most advanced scaling solution on Ethereum Layer 2. It has adopted ZK-Rollups that run computations off-chain and submit the validity proof to chain to provide low gas fees, higher transaction throughput for Ethereum, mainnet security, and extra privacy. It has gathered a lot of attention from over 80 countries since its launch in 2020.  And the mainnet will be launched on 10th, September, 2021. zkTube Mining Mechanism is Launched zkTube team is continuously working and achieving several milestones. The zkTube mining mechanism has launched. zkTube is the only…