The continuation of the spirit of “Mamba”: the fantastic idea when KB Token collides with the meta universe

What would it be like if everything in real life was moved into the virtual world? What would it be like if the idol we share in our hearts were reproduced in the virtual world? The end of life is not death, but forgotten, unwilling people, please don’t stop missing. Kobe Bryant, a pronoun of tenacity, love, optimism, meaninglessness and discipline, the belief in him is the reason why we can’t let go of him, and it is also the foundation of our eternal relationship with him.


So here we will do one thing. By creating a community dedicated to Kobe Bryant, the blockchain developers who pay tribute to Kobe Bryant will copy Kobe’s identity into an extremely real virtual world and continue in this way.” The legend of “Black Mamba”. Here we will share his journey, stories and mentality, so that the spirit of Mamba is happening by our side all the time, running through the essence of all life, not just on the basketball court.


You may think this is incredible, but in fact it is happening. In the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” published in 1992, the author mentioned a word “Metaverse”.


Simply put, the meta universe is a virtual space that can map the real world and is independent of the real world. If the Internet is the infrastructure in the era of information civilization, then the meta-universe, which has a sense of science fiction and a sense of the future, which inspires unlimited imagination, will be the true “digital” society of the next generation, a new hot spot in the global capital market, The current advanced form of the Internet, the direction that Web3.0 will eventually reach.


But many people want to ask, how do we express virtual characters in the meta-universe in a concrete way? The key to blockchain technology came into being. Blockchain is the key technology for “meta universe” to realize the dimension upgrade. Its function is to ensure the security of users’ virtual assets and virtual identities, conduct value exchange, and ensure the transparency of “meta universe” rules.


Blockchain technology can cater to the development of “Meta Universe” and has many advantages such as decentralization, non-tampering, scalability, etc., making “Meta Universe” completely open source, and it can also make the ecological types of “Meta Universe” more Enriched, and then continue to expand the imaginary boundary of the “meta universe”.


In 2021, the application data of Metaverse in the blockchain world is extremely eye-catching. Taking The Sandbox as an example, its second round of land auctions (over 2.8 million US dollars) in 2021 will exceed 2019 and 2020. The total annual income. The most well-known game company representing Roblox, the first time that the concept of Metaverse was written into the prospectus, it successfully listed at 30 billion U.S. dollars, and Metaverse instantly became a popular “new” in the game industry, investment circles and even other industries. concept.


However, in the current phenomenon, we still cannot achieve the integration of the two worlds on the chain and off the chain. Assets and value can only circulate in a closed loop in a mutually independent system. The key to solving this problem lies in value anchoring and asset on-chain. The best solution is NFT.


Any props that are out of the game are meaningless, and any virtual peripherals or virtual artworks that are out of the virtual world will not be able to maximize their value. The NFT asset class that currently accounts for the largest market share will eventually be summarized into a subset of Metaverse. In other words, Metaverse will also be the best container for these virtual goods (with purely collectible NFT).


Based on this, the blockchain developers who pay tribute to Kobe Bryant have developed KB Token, a decentralized NFT asset, which joins the new NFT meta-universe that maps to the real world, and virtualizes Kobe Bryant into the meta-universe. In this way Continue the legend of “Black Mamba”. It also built a decentralized and open platform for countless fans to pursue, remember, and mourn. We call this platform KB24.


KB24 has quickly become the largest and most dynamic economy based on blockchain since its inception. In KB24, we share Kobe’s journey, stories and mentality, and let the “Mamba Spirit” happen by our side all the time, running through the essence of all life, not just on the basketball court. Not only that, the creation of KB24 is also strongly supported by many NBA stars such as Gasol, Odom and Fischer.


In KB24, the NFT meta-universe world, users can collect and carry out unique digital projects, create NFTs with one click, and launch them into the mobile market without coding. This not only saves a high GAS fee, but also As the hub leading to the real economy and the NFT world, it will link up with the users of the Kobe Bryant community to truly achieve a leap in value and price.


The circulation token in KB24 is called KB Token. The role of KB Token is to motivate the community, generate NFTs, raise funds for creators, conduct airdrops, cross-chain transmission, mark user identities, conduct community voting and governance, etc. Improve the interaction between creators and fans through the token economy.


KB Token aims to become a universal payment method for entertainment interaction and culture. KB Token not only has storage value, but can also execute smart contracts to NFT art, film and television, music, culture, and games, and it can be used in all social creation activities. Measured and transferable value. With the growth of the network and the expansion of value creation, various roles in the ecosystem are encouraged to ensure the normal operation of the agreement.


In this virtual world, users can use the pass “KB Token” to achieve more functions in KB24, such as: buying Kobe commemorative jerseys, downloading Kobe highlights, generating Kobe NFT images that belong to you, and cross-chain transmission. Community voting and governance, transactions in the secondary market, etc. are all possible. So far, countless fans can rely on this method again, let Kobe in the virtual world accompany all the way, from the physical to the encryption art without physical space restrictions to bring an immersive experience.


In addition, KB Token is not only a basic token that is circulated in the meta-universe to exchange souvenirs, but also a representative of value. KB Token endows physical objects + NFT landing, the scarcity of its NFT assets, the only verifiable digital object that can not be changed, and with the continuous improvement of the ecological infrastructure and underlying buildings of the Kobe Bryant community, KB Token will create a new look for the digital economy .


Compared with the Kobe surroundings currently sold on the market, the emergence of KB Token has made the value of Kobe sustainable, breaking the barriers between the traditional physical market and the encryption circle, and making items no longer only have “one-off” value, but infinite Room for appreciation.


After all, in the past, collectors hung $40 million worth of Picasso works on the walls of their mansions. Today, crypto artists, digital art collectors, and art lovers can create a virtual reality gallery to enjoy Picasso’s works online. And the majority of fans can also appreciate the shock brought to us by the black mamba in this virtual reality world.


Our sincere hope is that users can interact with traditional assets and digital assets in an open global environment, and provide users with the highest quality encryption art display and interaction form. Through the combination of meta-universe and blockchain creation, the spirit of Mamba is transformed from the physical world to the digital world.



  1. KB Token distribution plan

Number of issues: 24,000,000KB

IDO public offering: 1ETH=10000KB

The second round of IDO public offering: 1ETH=8000KB


Team: 10%

Institutional investment: 15%

Charity Fund: 20%

Market operation: 10%

Initial liquidity: 2%

Private sale: 10%

Public offering: 10%

The second round of public offering: 15%

Mamba Ambassador/Advisor: 3%lAirdrop: 5%


  1. How to buy KB Token

Enter imToken/tokenpocket App wallet, visit in the browser, and then IDO/receive KB Token.


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