A metaverse game called “FunBall” will be launched soon

With Zuckerberg’s announcement to rename fackbook to meta, we saw more and more “metaverse” games start to appear in the market. Game platforms, such as GALA YOOSHI have borrowed from the steam model and have quickly accumulated a large number of users in a short period of time. Recently, we have been looking at a company called ” BRILLIANT FAITH”, which is planning to launch a game competition platform called “MeRace”. They have officially announced that the platform is in development and have announced the name of the first game “FunBall”. The internal news is that the game will be developed by former EAsports soccer team members and will integrate most of the mainstream gameplay in the market such as 3D matchmaking and tactical matchmaking, and it will also apply VR AR and other technologies to soccer games in the future. The latest we know is that their game will start closed beta testing at the end of 2021. The official launch will start in early 2022, and it is already supported by many of Blockchain Funds , with market agents deployed in Asia Pacific and Europe. The metaverse has become the buzzword of the year 2021, and more games and applications will be launched one after another in the future. The world described in “Ready Player One” may become a reality in the near future.