Windmill: Creating a Solid and Safe “Mining Ark” in the Rapidly Changing Crypto World

The crypto world has come to a new age of rapid growth.

Bitcoin has became the world’s 6th asset, with its market value surpassing Tesla, according to a report by ResearchAndMarkets. The market scale of the global cryptocurrency market was approximately USD 979.5 million in 2020, and is expected to reach USD 1.4 billion after adjustment in 2027; the compound annual growth from 2020 to 2027 can reach 4.8%.

Despite many policy constraints , in terms of the perspectives from governments around the world towards cryptocurrency, the crypto industry has transformed from “being ignored” to “being explored” and “being valued” as a mature industry. In general, the entire industry is on the rise.

I. With the rise of the crypto and mining industry, the market demands more professional mining service providers

As the market value of cryptocurrencies grow, the mining industry, which is closely linked to global cryptocurrency, is also undergoing rapid development. As data analysis on the Y Chart website shows, as of October 14, the hashrate of the Bitcoin network increased to 135.48 EH/s, with an increase of approximately 117% from 61 EH/s in July.

Under the dual trends of tightened policies and increased in encrypted currencies, cryptocurrency miners and practitioners in related industries are seeking a new way to develop the crypto mining industry in a healthier and better manner.

At the same time, mining service providers are transitioning to specialization, compliance and scale. In contrast to the extensive operations of the past, current mining service providers emphasize improving their service abilities, operation and maintenance capabilities. On this basis, they will provide reliable, safe products and services for global users. Windmill is a leader among them.

II. As a powerful hardware with high computing power, Windmill addresses each of the pain points of the mining industry

Confronted with changing market environment and diversified user demands, Windmill can provide professional services in many aspects.

First, hardware. Established in 2017, Windmill is based on distributed storage. After years of in-depth development and endeavor, it has become the leader of the mining sector in the global blockchain industry. With its dual advantages in technology and industrial resources, which it has accumulated over many years, Windmill has reached strategic cooperation with first-class server production and R&D enterprises in the industry, and has constructed a concentrated platform with a solid supply chain of steady procurement sources. By this, it has addressed the demand pain points of users, especially in small and medium enterprises, in terms of hardware supply source and demand.

Second, computing power. Windmill improves the computing power of its platform continuously through integrating resources and strengthening acquisition. It also optimizes its configuration and computing power structure by means of Big Data and AI, to ensure sustainable and steady services.

In addition, when faced with the increasing demand of small and medium enterprises for hosting, Windmill can provide open, professional and transparent machine hosting services. This helps small and medium enterprises to solve large amounts of preliminary work, including deployment, installation, testing, and machine maintenance, allowing users to effectively and rapidly join the crypto industry and flexibly adjust relevant strategies.

Windmill has built a 24/7 operating team which can maintain continuous and steady mining operation, offers a global leading success rate of 98%, and solves users’ problems.

By integrating the advantages of platform hardware, computing power, service and operation, Windmill aims to create a solid and safe “mine ark”, which can carry the demands of increasing small and medium enterprises and even individuals. As such, people will seize this opportunity to develop cryptocurrency in the future.