The most anticipated chain game at the end of 2021–islandswap

If 2020 is the first year of DeFi’s explosion, then 2021 is undoubtedly the first year of GameFi’s explosion. Axie has become a phenomenon product whose monthly income has surpassed that of Honor of Kings, depicting a broad prospect of chain games for the public. The fitting concept “metaverse”, as well as the upgrading of policy and supervision, have pushed the chain games to a new climax. The shift from the traditional “Free to Play” to “Play to Earn” (P2E) mode has allowed many chain players to take advantage of GameFi. If you are looking for early participation in a promising chain game to enjoy the benefits of the new era, then don’t miss islandswap that will soon be launched on OEC.

Islandswap is a multi-chain turn-based GameFi+DEX game with an interesting backstory and multiple modes.  In the world of islandswap, four seas are scattered with thousands of islands. People here use ISL, the common currency in the world, to buy supplies include vehicles, materials, and so on. The contradiction of the rapid growth of population and limited resources impelled people to pillage and plunder others or explore the Boss Islands. Generations after generations, various leagues are formed.

The most anticipated chain game at the end of 2021--islandswap

1. Game Model

In islandswap, owning an island is the only way to get into islandmeta. One can get an island through both mystery boxes and trade markets. Islands can generate ISL tokens, timber, stone, and gems. The resources generated can be used for island infrastructure, building upgrades, improvements of vehicles, statues, etc.


Islandmeta is a large blue planet and 80% of it is seawater. The land was separated into numerous small islands by the sea. Most people here live in the Sonia Sea. Over time, the resources in the Sonia Sea are not enough anymore, so they are forced to go on voyages and look for more resources to support their lives. There is a close sea called the Drake Sea with lots of aborigines. And the Saber Sea on the far west side of the planet where few people have set foot on is adjacent to the Demon Sea. The Demon Sea is dominated by a group of brutal monsters.


Many monsters together dominated a sea rich in resources, and each of them monopolized an island. However, with the development of time, humans need more and more resources to support their lives and develop their civilization. Some citizens from competitive islands coveted the resources of monsters, thus organized forces to attack monster islands in the Demon Sea. It is costly but rewarding. With more and more attacks, people began to discover some patterns: the monsters are relatively weak at certain times, and attacking them at these times will benefit the most.


Mystery boxes are divided into three types: island mystery box, hero mystery box, prop mystery box. Please follow the official announcement for details. You will 100% get the corresponding NFT from the mystery box. Mystery boxes are completely random. And some rare NFT can be found in mystery boxes. 50% of mystery boxes’ value is for destruction, and the other 50% is for the bonus pool.

2. DEX Platform

Islandswap is a DEX platform in the game, which can be used for players to sell heroes, islands, vehicles in the form of NFT. At the same time, liquidity can be added to islandswap to earn ISL.

3. Economic Model
The most anticipated chain game at the end of 2021--islandswap

ISL is the original token of islandswap with a destruction mechanism. The total amount of ISL is 10 billion. 80% of ISL generated by trading and mining will be returned to the players as rewards. The game sets NFT+DeFi+GameFi as one, truly realizing the maximum of P2E mode.  

4. What makes islandswap the most anticipated chain game at the end of 2021?

Islandswap already has all the DeFi elements GameFi economy needs: a complete incentive system, NFT mystery box market, liquidity mining, and so on. Any player can earn ISL at islandswap through play skills and contributions to the ecosystem. Meanwhile, all economic assets in the game can be traded on islandswap DEX platform. The NFT in the game gives players a way to make more money. It allows players to actually own game assets, including heroes, islands, vehicles, and props with different uses. These assets can be traded with other users and even rented out in the future.

Overall, the quality of islandswap’s game and the highly effective and professional team behind it show that they can carry their vision for the future. Islandswap is still in its early stages which means it’s a rare chance. It is highly recommended that players join islandswap’s official beta, which will be launched on OEC soon, play the game for free and make their own battle strategies to participate in the later Play to Earn game more cost-effectively.  

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