DDDS is a DAO organization focusing on social e-commerce

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is spreading globally and the global economy has been shaken. The International Monetary Fund predicts that the global economy will decline by 4% in 2022, and income will evaporate by about 3.4 trillion US dollars. This is the worst economic recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s.


Under the blockade restrictions, social distancing and other measures adopted by various countries in response to the epidemic, e-commerce companies have grown against the trend; in 2021, global online retail sales will reach 3.563 trillion US dollars, and by 2022, the global e-commerce business is expected to grow by 265%; Retailer sales have been eating into the global retail market. By 2022, global e-commerce sales are expected to account for 21.5% of total global retail sales, and all traditional industries will be affected by it.


Consumption capitalization allows consumption to be upgraded again. The core content is that when consumers consume, enterprises should regard consumers’ consumption of the enterprise as an investment in the enterprise, and distribute the enterprise benefits generated by consumption to the enterprise through capitalization. Consumer appreciation enables consumers to participate in corporate investment and share the fruits of corporate development, thereby achieving the purpose of attracting consumers and realizing the capitalization of consumption. The more successful the business is in the future, the greater the benefits consumers will get.

DDDS is a decentralized joint creation community composed of blockchain enthusiasts in the Asia-Pacific region, which is operated by the nature of community autonomy. To solve the problems of the e-commerce industry, use the DAO method to face all participants in the world. Everyone is a participant and a manager of DAO. DDDS uses points as a link, empowering entities as its responsibility, and combining online and offline to achieve A long-term win-win situation for member consumers, merchants and enterprises. And participate in the underlying distributed network contribution incentives, and reward members of the DDDS encryption world through tokenDDDS.


From e-commerce to DeFi platforms, DDDS has functional sectors such as vertical portal aggregation platform, e-commerce live broadcast, asset management, 2B customized service asset management, and liquidity management. DDDS aims to empower global enterprises and platforms, use blockchain and other technologies to help them change their management and operation methods, truly achieve the integration of production areas, and let blockchain truly empower the real economy to lead a new era of consumption, thereby realizing consumption digitization , digital industrialization, and industrial capitalization.


In addition, on the basis of DDDS, a variety of ecological content will be developed, including malls, liquidity mining, games, NFT services, decentralized services, public chains, etc. The service targets include ordinary users, wallets and exchanges, NFT investors, Binance Smart Chain, blockchain developers, media, communities, etc.

DDDS Cloud Mall

DDDS cloud mall subverts the previous transaction mode and creates a chain business platform for the win-win situation of merchants and consumers. Consumption points will be given away through shopping. As long as consumers shop, they can get points. These points can be deducted and exchanged for other products, thereby reducing consumers’ shopping costs and living costs. Through the points model, the points will be digitized and compliant, and the maximum synergy between consumers and merchants in the production relationship will be fully utilized to form a trinity of platforms, alliance merchants, and consumers, and a multi-party win-win community of destiny model.


In addition, DDDS mall provides users with more convenient and fast life services. Through the mall, offline merchants can easily transform to online sales, and users can enjoy various consumer services such as eating, drinking, entertainment, basic necessities of life, housing, transportation, and financial management. With the characteristics of stable resources, high concurrency, and low latency, it realizes the beautiful vision of users’ worry-free life.

DDDS—NFT digital rights and interests sharing platform

DDDS is currently the only comprehensive digital platform that combines the physical industry with NFT, uses blockchain technology to digitize merchant brands with NFT, and provides merchants with a series of services such as exclusive NFT casting, NFT chain storage, and NFT value management. Create multiple advantages for merchant brands.


In the generation of “everything can be NFT”, intangible brand assets such as brand history, brand image, brand symbol, and brand values ​​have ushered in the spring of digitalization. Exploring the marketing model of physical sales. NFT can be deeply integrated with merchant brand physical products to unlock more gameplay modes. NFT is unique, scarce, and indivisible, which also gives it the value of collection and investment. Consumers receive NFT when purchasing physical goods, which can effectively improve the consumer experience and sense of satisfaction, and give away limited digital collections when purchasing products, which stimulates consumers’ enthusiasm for buying.

DeFi service

DeFi is the abbreviation of Decentralized Finance (decentralized finance), also known as Open Finance. It actually refers to the decentralized protocol used to build an open financial system, designed to allow anyone in the world to conduct financial activities anytime, anywhere. In the existing financial system, whether it is the most basic deposit and withdrawal transfer, or loan or derivative transaction, financial services are mainly controlled and regulated by the central system.


In DDDS, users can deposit their own encrypted digital assets into the smart pool. The smart pool has various strategies, including single currency non-destructive strategy, LP strategy, lending strategy, etc., which can meet the risk preference and income requirements of different users.

DDDS Social

SocialFi can obtain more benefits through the financialization and tokenization of its own social influence. The same as GameFi, because there is already a strong foundation of DeFi, everyone can also demonstrate their personal value through SocialFi, or make profits through social networking.

Through end-to-end encrypted transmission technology, DDDS enables users’ social information to be completely encrypted, with specific functions such as chat mining, group chat live broadcast function, red envelope transfer function, application store function, storage function, application store function, and computing power sharing.


DDDS users enjoy ownership and governance rights on the platform. Participants’ attention, likes, comments, NFT display, etc. can obtain the platform’s native token DDDS-this is a Write to Earn model token that can be used as the user’s The tipping mechanism, where you can swipe to a Twitter-like information flow, also integrates chat and channel functions similar to Telegram, which means that this is a new platform that combines traditional social tools and social media.


In the future, DDDS will build a standardized DAO production factory, create more DAO communities in vertical segments, covering Metaverse, Web3.0, SocailFi, e-commerce and other fields, and build a large-scale decentralized system that maintains the development of the DDDS ecosystem The decision-making organization will use DDDS governance TokenDDDS as its DAO ecological governance and proof of participation and incentive proof of ecological construction.