Tech-Finger system arrives in the Asian market: opening up the experience access triggers a craze


In February 2023, the Tech-Finger system smoothly opened up experience access in Asia, bringing new and much-anticipated opportunities to a wide range of gamers. The news has created a buzz in the gaming community, and gamers can’t wait to experience for themselves the innovation and fun that Tech-Finger has to offer.


As a leading gaming technology company, Tech-Finger has been committed to providing players with an exceptional gaming experience.Tech-Finger is an AI bot independently developed by Frontier Labs, a division of the ACF Foundation, designed to enable efficient and accurate trading of gaming gear through the application of AI technology. The bot draws on Google Alpha Dog’s gaming algorithm and CHATGPT’s faux-neuron logic algorithm, optimized and trained for the global gaming equipment market, with revolutionary advantages. Tech-Finger eliminates middlemen and reduces costs by automating the execution of rights and value allocation agreements, while ensuring the confirmation and protection of users’ digital asset rights. As the world’s first AI game economizer, Tech-Finger has tremendous potential in the AI game market.


With the opening of the system in Asia, more players will have the opportunity to experience this advanced gaming platform first-hand. Asia, as an important part of the global gaming market, has huge growth potential and business opportunities for Tech-Finger. By opening up in Asia, Tech-Finger will be able to further expand its user base, promote its brand and technology, and accelerate its market penetration worldwide.


With a strong interest and love for gaming and a relatively high acceptance of new technology and innovation, Tech-Finger’s open access to experience has generated a huge response in the Asian market. Players have registered and participated to experience the automated revenue, smart hosting and other features offered by Tech-Finger. These advanced features bring great convenience and fun to players, enhancing the smoothness and entertainment of the game. Game developers who work with Tech-Finger also benefit greatly by being able to leverage Tech-Finger’s technology and platform advantages to better promote and operate their game titles and achieve commercial success.


Tech-Finger’s open experience access in Asia not only brings new gaming experiences to players, but also brings new vitality and development opportunities to the entire gaming industry. With the addition of the Asian region, Tech-Finger will be able to cooperate with more partners and game companies to jointly promote the innovation and development of game technology. As an important part of the global gaming market, the Asian region will provide Tech-Finger with more market opportunities and user resources, laying a solid foundation for its future development.


The successful launch of Tech-Finger’s open experience access in Asia marks an important step in its expansion and development on a global scale. In the future, we can foresee Tech-Finger’s influence and market share in the Asian market will continue to expand, bringing more innovation and fun to players. At the same time, Tech-Finger will continue to work closely with game developers and partners to promote the development of the gaming industry and create even better gaming experiences for players.


With the opening of the Tech-Finger system experience access in Asia, we look forward to a more prosperous and diversified gaming community in the Asian market. Both players and game developers will benefit from the technological innovations and innovations brought by Tech-Finger. Let’s look forward to and witness the brilliant achievements of Tech-Finger in the Asian market together!