Galactic Convention valueGalaxy – light illuminates the world

The success of individuals and enterprises is always inseparable from theword “value”, and the most intuitive embodiment of “value”is the increase in the value of finance and money. And thedevelopment of real history, the emergence of blockchain technologyis quietly changing the nature of global economic development. Thepopularity, application and circulation of digital currency have madethe initial investors get a hundredfold return on their investment.Block chain technology is pushing inclusive finance to a new level.

Galactic Convention valueGalaxy - light illuminates the world

At this time, the birth of the Galactic Convention in addition tolending, remittance, settlement, sales of financial products andother functions similar to traditional finance. If any institution orindividual has the corresponding capability and financial strength,they can open their own asset account and provide different services,so as to provide more people with richer financial services throughthe guarantee of distributed network infrastructure of blockchain.


“Economicvalue” refers to the economic significance of anything to peopleand society, and the “commodity value” and its laws ineconomics are the realistic and inevitable forms to realize economicvalue. Economic value is the measure of the benefits that economicagents get from products and services.

The ultimate economic value is represented by the future cash flow(including principal and actual interest) of the financial instrumentin the financial system, discounted to its current point in timevalue. The value of future cash flows.

The Galactic Pact connects and exchanges the value of differentblockchain ledbooks by means of the DeFi protocol. It applies thefrontier theory of cryptography to create a common cross-chainprotocol and a distributed ledger that records cross-chaintransactions and intra-chain transactions. No matter the publicchain, private chain or alliance chain, it can access the GalaxyConvention at a low cost and realize the connection of differentblockchain ledger books and the transfer of assets across the ledger.This ledger not only supports smart contracts, but also supports theprivacy protection of smart contract scrip transaction and pledge.

Lightup the world

First of all, the distributed decentralized financial system of the GalaxyConvention is completely decentralized, without the participation oftrusted third parties and without the credit endorsement of anyentity institutions, thus eliminating the hidden trouble caused bythe credit problems of third-party participants. Secondly, theoriginal chain mechanism should be innovated. Any blockchain platformcan freely access the Galaxy Convention with low threshold, reducethe cost of cross-chain transaction and cooperation, and realize thefree circulation mode of assets among various chains. Furthermore,the security guarantee based on cryptography algorithm makes thesmooth operation of the whole system depend on the security ofcryptography algorithm, and improves the security of algorithm theoryon the basis of logic security. Finally, the Galaxy Convention hasrealized the privacy of the intelligent contract pledge transaction,that is, the transaction after the asset crosses the chain isprotected by the privacy, providing better experience for users whileexpanding the application scenario.

Under the current economic development trend, galaxy Convention is underthe support of many galaxies, step by step, steadily to complete themission of value innovation in the financial era, bringing hugeenergy to the global financial development. Galaxy Convention valuegalaxy, the light illuminates the world!