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B2W has the world’s leading financial technology research and development, blockchain research and development, artificial intelligence systems, big data platforms, the world’s top financial data docking center, currency market transactions, professional asset management, and core ICO community technologies and services. In the field of professional encrypted assets, it provides a series of services for global investment institutions and investors, combines the global currency revolution with financial cutting-edge technology, and provides members of the world with prosperous, healthy and sustainable wealth.



Six advantages


Avoid human weakness

Make decisions objectively

As an application of artificial intelligence in the investment field, the intelligent trend tracking strategy system TTS has the absolute advantage of quantitative investment.

Compared with humans, artificial intelligence has many advantages. In addition to super computing power, it can also avoid many human weaknesses and make decisions relatively objectively.

Because big data and artificial intelligence require less time to integrate and analyze information, and are more accurate, which helps to build a better-performing investment portfolio, the intelligent trend tracking strategy system TTS will make investment decisions smarter.




Strong technical system

Customers are here to help you 24/7

The intelligent trend tracking strategy system TTS service team provides 7*24 hours of technical support. With the help of modern statistics and mathematics, it searches for a variety of “high probability” strategies and laws that can bring up growth from the massive big data, and based on this The above, comprehensively summarized into factors and model procedures, and finally disciplinedly follow these quantitative model combinations to make independent investments, and strive to obtain stable, sustainable, and above-average excess returns.

7*24 hours technical support, factor and model procedures, blockchain guarantees data privacy, eliminates security risks, and blockchain guarantees. B2W has invested a lot of money to meet data security standards.

The intelligent trend tracking strategy system TTS uses blockchain to ensure high security of customer data.


More than artificial intelligence

Technological innovation has promoted business innovation. Cognitive technology has brought business into a new era. TTS is cooperating with corporate organizations, government agencies, and all walks of life to jointly overcome the challenges we face. In the future, TTS will make our lives better.

Top mobile

Ensure that the transaction order is reached in a flash

The data center has been serving the world’s top banks and financial institutions, and is known as the most reliable data center in the world. It can ensure that transaction participants can interact in a low-latency environment to ensure ultra-high-speed data transmission, thereby providing end users Provide the fastest execution speed.

TTS server

Built on the world’s leading data operator

Equinix data center


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Unpredictable wealth future


Blockchain, build a new world of true trust with each other


Cryptocurrency, a new currency revolution to build a decentralized currency


B2W, everyone can participate in the blockchain and build


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