Breaking news: Libra successfully acquired American Four Feas company and obtained MSB license

Breaking news: Libra fully acquires Four Feas in the United States!

Officially obtained the MSB digital currency financial license qualification issued by the US Treasury Department.


The US MSB (Money Services Business) license is a financial license supervised and issued by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury), mainly regulated by money service-related businesses and companies.

The scope includes international remittance, foreign exchange, currency transaction/transfer (including digital currency/virtual currency) ICO issuance and other businesses.

Four Seas is a veteran blockchain company approved by the US Financial Services Bureau. The completion of this acquisition further improves the compliance and legalization of the Libra Foundation’s business layout.

As a global decentralized digital ecological platform rooted in Silicon Valley in the United States, Libra has got a good start in the trial operation phase in early December 2021.

There are more than 20,000 currency holders, more than 10,000 pledge transfers on the chain, nearly 100,000 on-chain transactions, and more than 3 million US dollars of TVL. The system has been tested by the market and is stable and safe.

CerTik, a well-known code auditing agency in the United States, has a complete code audit report, and the code is simple and clean without fatal errors.

The company is compliant and legal, the license is complete, and the code audit is safe. These are the two most basic prerequisites for a mainstream digital asset platform. Libra has it all!

With the end of the testing period, Libra is about to enter the official operation period in January 2022.

Focus on the goal of building a global shared, decentralized digital currency ecosystem.

The Libra team said: In 2022, major strategies will be announced and implemented gradually!

After the successful acquisition of Four seas company and a series of legal license qualifications, the financial business cooperation of digital currency compliance has been launched globally. Based on the US compliance, it will focus on the United Kingdom and Germany in Europe, and in Southeast Asia with Singapore and Japan as the core, radiating In-depth cooperation between India and South American countries.

The first big advantage of 2022:

Libra will start the phase of stable value-added test of LBR currency price in the first and half market!

The era of LBR price of $0.2 is about to say goodbye. The foundation has passed a subsidy proposal for market incentives, and plans to spend no less than $12 million in market incentives in 2022 and users who have been holding LBR in the previous period as dividend rewards .

The specific operation and implementation plan will be announced in the announcement.

This currency price subsidy will last until LBR officially launches Libraswap, Pancake, and other mainstream exchanges.

In the Defi track, the miracle of libra has just begun!

5 major strategies planned by libra2022:

  1. Liquidity mining
  2. Libraswap
  3. LBR aggregate wallet
  4. Independent public chain
  5. NFT trading platform in Defi mode
  6. A different metaverse ecology

They are all in the stage of steady development and testing. Let us look forward to Libra, 2022, the first year of the outbreak!