According to official sources, T-power, Japan’s largest AV copyright owner, has announced that it will soon begin creating and releasing NFT copies of SONA and enter into a deal with SONA coinage. Starpunk operating NFT Alliance (SONA) is a decentralized and autonomous organization (Dao) platform, audited by the Soken  , and is the heavyweight blockchain authority that audits OpenSea. The no preorder, no private offering by the Geek Coalition of America is the NFT Super Cross chain token, backed by the Andreessen Horowitz Foundation. NETWORK1 aims to connect blockchain/NFT game start-ups with a global community of players and encrypted investors through a diversified “Play-to-Earn”mechanism to form an NFT trading alliance. NETWORK2 BUILDS SONA as a decentralized multi-and cross-chain NFT exchange, trading platform, creative hub, social media platform, NFTIDO platform and pledge application. SONA is building the ultimate NFT platform that can be used in every popular native chain, with all the features of the entire NFT market in a single application, allows anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, exchange, grow, and utilize NFT in different blockchains. Anyone using SONA can access its entire NFT, thereby releasing the total value of the NFT market. AVF is short for Adult Video Fans, and is currently the largest AV group agency in Japan, with hundreds of well-known artists. The goal of this collaboration is to set up an NFT interactive entertainment platform for AV stars and fans around the world, as well as an internet celebrity economy featuring Japanese AV actresses, by organizing female youtu.com celebrities to participate in the live broadcast of the big platform in the form of trade unions, by SONA reward, live broadcast of NFT works, off-line roadshows and deep participation in the self-built one-stop social NFT platform, more than 100 million NFT AV fans around the world are better able to interact with female porn stars.