Tribute to IPFS What is the origin of the capital-hungry MVS Mining World Space?

Along with the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other information technology and the transformation of traditional industry digitalization, the volume of data shows geometric growth, the global data volume will grow from 16.1ZB in 2016 to 163ZB (about 180 trillion GB) in 2025, 5G online after the massive data explosion, to 2 trillion data storage market in 2018, for example. IBM predicts a 44-fold increase in the volume of stored data in 2022, which is 88 trillion market size.


IPFS (Inter Planetary File System, also known as Interstellar File System) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system designed to connect all computer devices that have the same file system. In some ways IPFS is similar to the web, but whereas the web is centralised, IPFS is a single Bittorrent cluster with git repositories for distributed storage. In other words, IPFS provides a high-throughput content-addressable block storage model with content-addressable hyperlinks through decentralised distributed, which has the core advantages of faster transfer speed, higher security, greater privacy and lower cost compared to web. The emergence of IPFS has epoch-making significance, and in continuing to advance the implementation of IPFS applications and iterative upgrades to the technology, MVS Mining World Space The MVS (Mineral virtual space) is a new and innovative system that is designed to provide a balanced regeneration system.


​MVS (Mineral virtual space) is the most important core mechanism in the multi-dimensional business structure launched by PLUS COIN FOUNDATION, such as Mineral Bit, Mineral Space and YewHang International.


PLUS COIN FOUNDATION was founded in 2018 in Colorado, USA, by the technical team of BitRiver (Russia) and Professor Pa Eugene, a blockchain cryptography genius and former technical advisor of DCG Group (USA), who wanted to take advantage of the inherent advantages of the BitRiver data centre combined with Prof. Pa Eugene’s years of experience in the blockchain and specializing in Filecoin. We hope to use the inherent advantages of the BitRiver data center combined with Professor Pa Eugene’s years of experience in the blockchain field and his precise attainments in specializing in Filecoin to continuously innovate and embrace new technologies and update and iterate on more core competitive products. In order to solve the current painful problems of gradually increasing costs and difficult access to the B and C sides of the mining circle, and to achieve the strategic goal of becoming the world’s largest virtual coin mining centre, the MVS Mining World Space Balanced Regeneration System uses the perfect integration of blockchain + crowdfunding + splitting + compounding + regeneration + the new Defi, using a zero bubble platform without pressure, balanced regeneration and the ability to achieve no worries for the members at the back and to achieve the later. The unique issuance mechanism and precise incentive mining mechanism combined with multi-ecological, strong application, strong circulation, strong destruction mechanism to achieve internal and external infinite cycle of continuous positive perpetual motion, so that the mechanism returns to benign form, so that everyone involved becomes a winner of the wealth creation system, MVS Mining World Space will serve as a link to the global establishment of big data for multiparty Cooperation to achieve the world’s largest compliant virtual currency mining data centre core mechanism for global customers to provide long-term mining, equipment hosting and regular maintenance services similar to Bitcoin, Ether and Filecoin and more high-quality assets, as well as financial and blockchain derivatives value-added business, to build a complete digital currency and blockchain ecosystem.


MVS is an open source innovative blockchain storage facility focused on database and cloud services, proposed by Silicon Valley’s top blockchain cryptography genius Pa Eugene in conjunction with several top computer scientists, aiming to be a censorship-free, monitoring-free and non-disruptive cloud storage platform with the technological innovation that each user only needs to contribute a small amount of space to participate in blockchain storage and verification through encryption and It uses block transaction features such as transaction ledgers, public/private key encryption and cryptographic hash functions for security, which is what sets MVS apart from most blockchain storage solutions. The network supports the efficient co-development of distributed applications including distributed finance (DEFI), distributed entertainment and distributed social media to create a highly scalable, high performance, secure and accessible underlying storage architecture platform for blockchain databases.


MVS is a tribute to IPFS, but with more advantages. Compared to MVS, IPFS requires a professional IDC room, professional storage equipment, professional storage equipment technical operation and maintenance, and high pledged coins and GAS fees, which makes this disruptive technology unable to really benefit mankind in a short time. Unlike MVS, where users only need to contribute storage space, one-click access to the main network truly makes it available to everyone.


Vision of the platform: To build a blockchain entrepreneurship platform where there are no losers and everyone can create wealth;


Platform values: to lead as a pioneer in the blockchain industry, to continuously innovate and embrace new technologies, to challenge the impossible and to profit from achieving long-term value for its members.


Platform’s strategic goal: to become the world’s largest compliant virtual coin mining data centre.