Gain instant insights into unique mechanisms and purchase mode of 4JNET

Gain instant insights into unique mechanisms and purchase mode of 4JNET

Blockchain technology creates reliable cooperation mechanism and wins lots of trust due to its widespread prospects. The advancement of this technology further brings about a massive monetary revolution of financial inclusion. Yet, its now too late for investors to hold Shib, Safemoon and other tokens as they have appreciated a lot. Never mind! Heres a new chance! 4JNET, a new encrypted token, will debut on 1 December 2021. Moreover, the limited-edition NFTs will be presold on 20 October 2021. Lots of experts and senior players in the token industry show vigorous support for it. Seize the chance to make a great fortune!

Its the right time to access encrypted token

The prevailing COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 devastated all industries across the globe, and economic flameout discouraged the investors a lot. Why 4JNET has made such a splash among experts and senior players in the token industry? This is partially attributed to the underlying logic and protection mechanism of encrypted tokens.

First, lets have a glimpse of the HODL idea of the encrypted token. 4JNET echoes with this idea to a great extent, which advocates buy and hold” regardless of its appreciation and depreciation in the short run. In essence, its fairness, 4jNETs security and transparency enhance the investors’ confidence in its long-term value, allowing them to become rich one day.

Heres a widely circulated story about the HODL idea. The player GameKyuubi made the word HODL mistakenly after getting drunk and complaining about repeated failure in Bitcoin investment. In 2013, GameKyuubi posted an article called I AM HODLING” on the Bitcointalk forum, a holy land for encrypted token holders, and grumbled that his tokens often depreciated after buy-in and appreciated upon sell-out, so he was always tortured by the market and teased by others. Therefore, he decided that he would hodl XXX regardless of its fluctuations, and would not sell it hastily. The article became very popular soon as he had voiced the feelings of numerous investors who went whacked on tokens. Since then, the mistakenly spelled hodl” gradually evolved into the HODL idea; that is, you will become rich one day as long as you hold the tokens prudently for a long time!

Facts have proved that those investors who had invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and DASH would have earned hundreds or even thousands of times of gains if they hold these tokens for years. Later, someone supplemented that HODL” equaled to hold on for dear life! We hold the tokens for a good life!

Strength One: Fairness

Throughout the development of the token industry, previous tokens often slumped soon after a boom since early investors often chose to sell their tokens after getting high returns to reduce risks and achieve maximum benefits. In order to better solve the problem, 4JNET will introduce the mechanism of decreasing service charges to maintain stable prices. To be specific, 90% of the initial transaction amount will be withheld as the service charge, and 6% of them will be distributed to all token holders in the form of tokens; the remaining part will be automatically transferred in the liquidity pool.

As transactions increase, the service charge will be gradually decreased up to by 10%, thus bridging the gap between early and late investors. 4JNETs early investors need to pay high service charges even if they buy at an earlier time, which are automatically put into the liquidity pool to promote steady price increase and alleviate price instability resulting from the selling pressure.

Considering the prospects of current encrypted token market, once the holders sell their tokens in great amounts, the prices will plunge. Yet, 4jnets unique mechanism, to put simply, hold and earn, demonstrates its unique strengths. At that time, the fluctuations in monetary prices, if any, will not be stunning, so it is worthwhile for the investors to hold these tokens.

In addition, an official news spread that 4JNET will kick off on 1 December 2021 at the UTC time at the latest. No one can trade it beforehand, ensuring fairness for early investors and giving the same chance to all players.

Strength Two: Security

At present, 4JNET has been awarded the U.S. MSB license, a must for prestigious digital currency trading institutions in the world that grant monetary exchange and sending services. This means that 4JNET has been approved by authoritative institutions, and is more prone to be recognized by global investors as a potential first-class platform, delivering them with more diversified services. In the meantime, 4JNETs smart contract is audited by CertiK, and all business logics are realized through the smart contract and fully open sourced.

As is known to all, CertiK is a world-leading blockchain network security company. By utilizing advanced formal verification techniques, mathematical methods are utilized to prove that smart contract and blockchain ecosystem are free of vulnerabilities and can resist the invasion of hackers. CertiK audited not only renowned encrypted token exchanges like Binance, Huobi and OKEx, but also blockchain programs like Ethereum, Terra and Neo.

Moreover, as liquidity mining becomes a heated topic in the encrypted token industry, more and more programs are launching their own liquidity mining, since a siphon effect like mini-black-hole has been preliminarily formed, and stablecoin training becomes increasingly popular, producing a very significant spillover effect. To sum up, liquidity mining mainly earns gains by providing token assets. Besides, 4JNETs liquidity certificate and contract rights will be blocked into black hole, and the true liquidity of its core engine ensures the benefits of long-term holders, an astonishing innovation in the token industry!

Strength Three: Transparency

The presale of limited-edition NFTs will be initiated on 18 October 2021, and 4JNET will debut on 1 December 2021. During the 3-day countdown, 5,000 limited-edition NFTs will be sold; even if the presale goal is not met, its debut on 1 December 2021 will not be affected as well.

It is said that the to-be-presold NFTs account for 30% of all tokens issued, and all NFT holders can claim 30% of all tokens after 1 December, and unlock 2% of them every day. That is to say, the more they hold, more tokens they will claim. More importantly, 3% of the service charge can be exempted by holding NFTs.

Previously, 4JNET project leader expressed in an interview that 4JNET had been awarded the U.S. MSB license, and pioneeringly introduced the decreasing service charge; its business logics are realized through smart contract and are fully open sourced. To stabilize the prices, the project team does not hold 4JNET tokens, so a presale is made to raise money for propaganda on global media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and KOLs in the token industry. Authoritative professionals hold an optimistic attitude towards the presale of 4JNET NFTs of limited edition.


Currently, the entire encrypted currency is still developing vigorously and has unlimited potential and value. It can be summarized from previous analysis that 4JNET project is quite transparent and fair in terms of innovative design idea and random NFT. Besides, unique mechanism and huge investment potential, as well as the accreditation of authoritative institutions, all strengthen the investors’ belief that 4JNET will bring generous benefits and wealth to the holders.