Yunwan Sport Joins Forces with EXOR Digital Group to Create a Global Giant in Digital Sports Competition Industry

By 2025, the global sports market is expected to reach $599 billion and is projected to climb to $826 billion by 2030. This trend not only highlights the immense potential of the sports industry but also reflects the global passion and investment in sports. Meanwhile, the industry is undergoing an ecological upgrade, increasingly integrating today’s hottest new industries such as Web3, the metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain gaming.


The integration of sports competition with digital technology will bring new opportunities for digital innovation and social development, breaking through the traditional limitations of sports in terms of time, space, physical boundaries, rights verification, and financial participation. Digital sports are changing the new form of the sports industry and will realize the financial value of sports, entertainment, immersive experiences, and social interactions. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, users can now appreciate the flair of sports competition in a virtual world, with globally renowned companies and clubs joining in.


To cater to the trend of digital sports competition and to bring sports back to financial value, Yunwan Sport’s all-industry digital sports competition platform was naturally born.


Yunwan Sport Introduction

Yunwan Sport, established in 2020 by Hong Kong Baud Group Limited, Greenmore International (Asia) Holdings Limited, China Sports Movement Health Group Limited, and International Wealth Management Center Limited, is a comprehensive platform integrating data, video, live broadcasting, insurance, industrial investment, commercial investment, and soccer sports. It boasts total assets of over 7 billion Hong Kong dollars and has a global presence in 33 countries and regions, with its agency and contracting layout covering and radiating worldwide.

Yunwan Sport, keeping pace with the times, has joined forces with top global resources and partners, and will soon complete a full industry chain upgrade and digital industry layout, bringing richer, more exciting, and sensational new competitive entertainment products to global users.

Yunwan Sport Joins Forces with EXOR Digital Group to Create a Global Giant in Digital Sports Competition Industry

EXOR Digital Group: Pioneering New Domains in Digital Sports


The EXOR Digital Asset Group, co-founded in the Cayman Islands by Yunwan Sport’s parent company Greenmore International (Asia) Holdings Limited and the Italian EXOR Group, not only strengthens its holdings of the Yunwan Sport global brand and its business modules but also establishes its leadership in the global digital sports competition market.


EXOR Digital Group, a global investment giant from Italy, now steps into the digital asset domain, marking a further expansion of its business scope and influence. The addition of the EXOR Group not only enhances Yunwan Sport’s capital and resources but also brings extensive experience in sports events, racing, and financial services. This integration of resources enables Yunwan Sport to promote the digital transformation and innovation of the sports industry globally, enhancing the overall competitiveness of the industry.

Yunwan Sport Joins Forces with EXOR Digital Group to Create a Global Giant in Digital Sports Competition Industry

Global Tour and New Brand Launch  PlayCloud


Yunwan Sport will soon hold a global strategic brand launch event, officially renaming the brand to PlayCloud. As a strategic partner of the EXOR Digital Group, PlayCloud (formerly Yunwan Sport) will take on the group’s overall operations and the digital transformation and assetization of the global sports competition industry. Collaborating with multiple investment institutions from Italy, sports agency economic companies, the Italian Football Association, and teams, it will launch many new initiatives to empower traditional sports events, teams, and personal IP of athletes, and global sports charity projects. Through PlayCloud’s new digital technologies and innovative business models in the digital economy, it will reshape the landscape of today’s sports entertainment industry and accelerate the wave of the global sports entertainment fan economy. Meanwhile, as a Fortune 500 company, the EXOR Group will maximize the provision of its high-quality resources in sports events, racing, and financial services.


PlayCloud’s Global Vision


PlayCloud plans to conduct a global sports competition fan brand tour in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Collaborating with EXOR’s sports event stars and top


racing drivers, it will provide a passionate digital sports feast to global fans. Additionally, PlayCloud will hold a brand innovation launch in Vietnam, showcasing its global layout and digital upgrade plans for competitive sports.


Through global strategies and technological innovation, PlayCloud is not only pushing for the modernization of the sports industry but is also creating more opportunities for global sports enthusiasts to participate in and enjoy the benefits of sports events. This transformation, led by PlayCloud and the EXOR Group, will bring new vitality to the global sports competition industry.

Yunwan Sport Joins Forces with EXOR Digital Group to Create a Global Giant in Digital Sports Competition Industry

PlayCloud’s Business Segments


  • Sports Services: Providing comprehensive services such as sports information, live animated broadcasting,data support, instant match scores, event data analysis, and team information for football, basketball, tennis, and other sports events across over 200 countries and regions.


  • SportsFinance: Including sports quantification, NFT issuance, and equity tokens, allowing a broader audience to gain financial benefits from sports, democratizing sports finance.


  • Sports Metaverse: Utilizing EXOR Digital Group’s advantages with WEB3.0 to develop digital athletesand virtual sports venues, PlayCloud will innovate sports marketing with virtual characters and

spokespersons, providing realistic experiences using VR technology to create new sports environments and bring opportunities and challenges to the sports industry.




After years of meticulous groundwork and product refinement integrating sports, gaming, and blockchain, PlayCloud provides comprehensive solutions for IP holders and sports enthusiasts. It designs, develops, and operates cutting-edge platforms that connect fans with their favorite sports, establishing lasting engagements. By fostering an ecosystem that promotes gaming, social interaction, competition, collaboration, and a user-driven economy, PlayCloud is set to revolutionize how people engage with their


favorite sports, incorporating the next billion sports enthusiasts into its ecosystem and fundamentally changing the way people participate in sports.