Yunwan Sport officially unveils its new English trademark — PlayCloud

As a response to the global trend of digitized sports entertainment, Yunwan Sport expands its global reach and user base. It aims to serve a broader spectrum of entities within the sports industry, including event planning companies, market promoters, sponsors, media broadcasters, ticketing services, teams, and sports institutions. Additionally, it provides digital transformation solutions.


Moreover, Yunwan Sport collaborates with the renowned Italian design company Movantia from Bologna for a platform rebranding. The English trademark Yunwan Sport is now officially renamed PlayCloud. The new visual identity shifts from the original “soccer logo” to a more imaginative and diversified symbol — “the Eye of PlayCloud.” This emblem is inspired by the mythological figure Hercules, representing strength, fearlessness, courage, and wisdom. Depicting Hercules lifting the globe, the logo signifies the four future main business modules: Sports Metaverse, Digital Sports, Traditional Sports, and Sports Brokerage. The design embodies the fairness, transparency, and knowledge represented by the “Eye of PlayCloud.”

Yunwan Sport officially unveils its new English trademark — PlayCloud


About Yunwan Sport


Yunwan Sport, established in 2020, is a comprehensive platform jointly developed by Hong Kong Bowtie Group Limited, Green World International (Asia) Holdings Limited, China Sports Health Group Limited, and International Wealth Management Center Limited. With assets exceeding HK$7 billion, it has a comprehensive presence in 33 countries and regions worldwide, covering global agency contracts.


EXOR Digital Group


Pioneering the Digital Sports Frontier Founded jointly by Green World International (Asia) Holdings Limited and Italy’s EXOR Group in the Cayman Islands, EXOR Digital Asset Group strengthens its holdings in Yunwan Sport’s global brand and business modules. As a global investment giant based in Italy, EXOR Group’s venture into digital assets marks a significant expansion of its business scope and influence. Its integration of resources enhances Yunwan Sport’s financial and strategic capabilities, driving the digital transformation and innovation of the global sports industry while elevating the industry’s competitiveness as a whole.