Stellar Finance recasts virtual and real applications and builds a balanced relationship between the two.

Stellar Finance is a brand new encryption application dedicated to creating a decentralized linkage ecosystem. In creating a more free and efficient NFT asset swap agreement for the blockchain world, providing users with high-quality Dapp-based games + DeFi, game + NFT asset synthesis, NFT + DeFi multi-form products, finally achieving the perfect integration of DeFi+NFT+chain games.

Issued on the BSC smart chain, the total number of tokens issued by Stellar Finance is 21 million, and 50% of the DeFi liquidity mining output will be adopted, and 50% will be used for ecological incentive output. Stellar Finance estimates that its daily basic output is 10,000 pieces, and the maximum daily output is 29,800 pieces. And 60% of the output is team incentives, 40% is destroyed by black holes, the production will be completed in three years. In the end, an extreme deflationary model will be adopted, leaving the market with only 2.1 million Stellar Finance, which accounts for 10% of the issuance.When there are only 2.1 million Stellar Finance in the market, they will be officially converted into NFT encrypted digital assets to enter the secondary market for auction, ensuring that users can ultimately obtain market benefits that far exceed expectations, allowing these users to get the dividends brought about by the development of the platform.