Benz Supreme Alliance Linked with the meta-universe ecology to create the most violent DeFi application of this summer.

As a brand-new autonomous MakerDao organization formed by many meta-universe enthusiasts and car culture enthusiasts, Benz has made everyone’s car dream possible by creating a unique car game culture.
Integrating the hottest DeFi ecology and meta-universe elements of the current era, Benz enables everyone involved in it to reasonably distribute the benefits generated by the community by integrating multi-dimensional ecological perspectives and increasing the application value of the community.
By realizing the mutual integration of virtual and reality, linking perception and shared 3D virtual space, Benz hopes to create a highly-consensus value ecology to realize the mapping of the real world to the overall virtual network. Up to now, the recruitment of Benz’s 640 node shareholders is about to end. All alliance shareholders have reached a consensus to build a pot. Users who need to participate, please contact the leader in time for details. One person is limited to one share, and the alliance joins the pot to create a Mercedes-Benz ecosystem.
Benz will be officially launched on August 19, 2021, creating the most violent DeFi application this summer, making it possible for one Benz for one coin.