DeFi million times incubator Rita planet token is about to start

The first meta-universe game Rita planet with NFT+DeFi+Gamei will be  launched soon. The powerful combination gives the project a longer life force, with assets hosted on the chain and owned by users. NTFs make assets ownable. Assets are created with high efficiency, low carbon and low cost, and smart contracts run forever.

To create a distributed financial ecosystem of meta-universe virtual games, establish a perfect blockchain financial system and Defi ecological meta-universe game alliance, and a completely decentralized DeFi ten thousand times incubator, it will surely become the next masterpiece of meta-universe.

The pre-sale of RATA token will start at 13:00 (21:00 Beijing time) on September 5, 2021, OTC time. When 80,000 pre-sold tokens are sold out, it will be launched for mining.