NFT killer project on the horizon as capital buzzes

MGS, the world’s largest platform for online game virtual commodity traders, is creating a blockchain protocol called the Worldwide Asset eXchange (MGS). It can be used for an unlimited number of trading platforms controlled by individuals or small business owners to buy, sell and trade virtual goods with just a few clicks.


The MGS platform offers the opportunity to trade virtual goods using global tokens while de-neutralising transactions as a virtual property trading platform. Combined with a distributed trust mechanism and a reliable and preferential settlement network, this repository can significantly improve price transparency and market liquidity, thereby expanding demand. the MGS platform can support a variety of selling functions such as bidding, reserve bidding or fixed prices. This facilitates maximum liquidity. buyers and sellers currently served by MGS will not need to develop complex back-end systems, but will instead implement this functionality through the MGS platform to make the most of the most effective features of the MGS Virtual Property Exchange.


MGS tokens will foster a new generation of virtual property traders. This event is similar to the way large platforms (Alibaba, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, etc.) have allowed ordinary entrepreneurs to become powerful e-merchants, helping car owners to find passengers on their way via the internet, hotels to publish their information or travellers to find accommodation services electronically. These platforms have become easier to use and have a wider reach, expanding business for millions of small business owners and creating tens of billions of dollars of new value. At the same time, they have solved challenges such as fraud prevention, billing, product and seller reviews, standardisation of product information catalogues, matching supply and demand, and other challenges that require significant investment.


MGS is a decentralised platform that allows any user to trade on its fully functional virtual trading platform without investing any money into security, infrastructure or settlement processing. MGS is the world’s leading online game virtual goods trading platform, designed by the founders of MGS to serve the more than 400 million players worldwide who collect and buy and sell virtual goods. Using the simple MGS trading widget, players can access a global marketplace where all transactions are verified through the blockchain trust mechanism.


The user decides to purchase a virtual item and clicks the “Buy Now” button in the MGS platform widget. A verification window will appear. When using the MGS platform for the first time, users will need to register and create their own MGS account and wallet. This allows them to pay for selected items quickly and without having to go through the details of how the MGS platform or MGS tokens work. For the user, everything is simple. Without leaving the trading platform, he can select an item, pay for it and quickly find it in his list of possessions.


The MGS platform allows tens of millions of traders to build their own virtual shops on the same decentralised platform that will integrate all parties providing security, transaction procedures and settlement services, and lead hundreds of millions of new users into a growing ecosystem. The very high level of liquidity will allow buyers and sellers to buy and sell goods at the best prices and settle them instantly, while the global community of gamers as a whole will have access to a secure exchange for virtual goods based on blockchain technology.


MGS is launching an MGS blockchain protocol that will integrate the world’s 2 billion gamers into the same state-of-the-art virtual goods exchange. The existing market for online game virtual goods trading has reached a staggering $50 billion and could be significantly increased through the de-neutralisation of trading.


The Global Virtual Property Exchange (MGS) is a global P2P web-based marketplace for trading virtual goods in games, based on decentralised smart contracts in the blockchain. The platform runs on decentralised smart contracts in the blockchain. the MGS platform allows buyers and sellers around the world to buy and sell virtual goods on a decentralised, international platform. The MGS platform uses smart contracts that combine over 20 years of experience working with the MGS team and tens of billions of virtual commodity transactions. trade, share fees and settle. What are the drawbacks of the existing decentralised exchange ecosystem? They do not support the specific needs of the online game property trading market. Below is a comparison of some of the better known products.


The MGS protocol is a decentralised blockchain solution for buying, selling and delivering virtual goods and services. The main mission of the protocol is to serve the rapidly growing gaming industry and remain flexible enough to accommodate a variety of other use cases.


The MGS will meet the needs of users using multiple gaming platforms, each with its own virtual goods exchange model and delivery conditions. The MGS will support all of these gaming platforms, building a unified network. For the proof of stake mechanism (DOPS), the MGS platform uses a consistency algorithm that utilises elected confirmation nodes (“guilds”). This algorithm was deliberately chosen to address issues related to the large demand generated by the gaming platform market.